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April car sales in Brazil fell 13.6% MoM

Brazil National Automobile Dealers Association figures released on the 5th, all types of car sales in Brazil in April of about 234,000, down 13.6% compared with sales figures in March.

The figures also showed that compared with April 2008, in April this year, car sales in Brazil fell 10.3%. This year, total car sales in the first four months of the year decreased by 0.73%.

President of the Brazilian National Automobile Dealers Association Sergio Alvarez noted that April sales fell not terrible, because sales in March rose is non-normal, because consumers worried about their government canceled since last December's execution incentives for auto sales.

He said that March 30, the government announced the preferential policies will continue to be extended to June, causing consumers to buy the April decline.

Alvarez believes that the full year, the Brazilian auto market in the second half is expected to recover fully, in order to achieve sales Dealers Association early development 3.13% growth target.