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Dongfeng tanker car driving skills methods

Dongfeng tanker cars driving ice and snow

Driving on ice and snow, use anti-skid chains.

Be sure to reduce speed to avoid sudden acceleration and sudden braking.

When the non-high-speed emergency braking and sharp turns, otherwise the car is easy to produce spin drift phenomenon caused by the accident.

Dongfeng tanker cars road driving rain

Rain driving on the road, the speed should be controlled, preferably not more than 35km / h.

When driving in the rain, the rain may enter and affect the braking effect of the brake drum, therefore, should be light from time to time the brake pedal to check the brake effect. 

Avoid sudden braking and sharp turns, or easily cause skidding drift phenomenon caused by the accident.

Tanker suspended

When the cars off the road, you should loosen the accelerator pedal in order to reduce the speed. 

Uniformly depress the brake pedal, until the car stop, depress the clutch pedal to the transmission from shifting to neutral, and then pull back in the end of the manual valve, so that in braking.

Turn off the power (the starter switch key back to LOCK position)