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Dongfeng tanker How regular maintenance

Dongfeng tanker during use, regular maintenance should be carried out in order to eliminate hidden dangers.

Dongfeng tanker 2000km maintenance

To fasten, lubrication based.

When every car driving 2000km, Check and tighten engine mounting, into the exhaust manifold, muffler bolts nuts and check the liner is intact.

Check and tighten the drive shaft and the intermediate support cross shaft, steering mechanism (especially vertical and horizontal steering rod, steering knuckle arm up and down, the steering shaft, etc.), steel springs, axle and wheels and other parts of the connecting bolts.

Cleaning, maintenance, oil filter and fuel filter.

Check the fan belt tension.

Check the tire pressure, according to the provisions inflated.

Check and tighten cab, carriages and other parts of the connecting bolts and nuts.

Observe the functioning of the turbocharger, if different sound and vibration, should be promptly removed.

Check whether the bearing turbocharger oil spills, such as oil spills are immediately removed.

Check the cooler and pipe seal is good.

Dust Check the air filter housing.

According to the lubrication for lubrication.