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GM Calls to the South Korean parts manufacturers

In order to survive, to ensure the competitiveness problem has to feel the burn of the largest US car manufacturers - General Motors, the South Korean component manufacturers initiated call. General Motors that the South Korean auto parts in terms of quality and price competitiveness is much higher than with other countries, and plans to expand Korean imports.

GM 5th (local time) at the headquarters of Detroit, Michigan, to supply talks with South Korean parts manufacturers, held a two-day "2009 GM-Korea autoparts plaza" Annual trade negotiations. Moreover, with the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency jointly organized the annual trade talks, General Motors and SK Energy, LG cable, etc. 39 South Korean auto parts supplier to supply contract was agreed.

Since 2006, General Motors and the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency of trade negotiations held once a year. It is reported that, given the poor performance this year, General Motors business, the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency wanted to cancel the negotiations, GM was that "In this case, it should work with component manufacturers," and proposed expected held trade talks.

Day annual trade talks, General Motors vice president in charge of Global Procurement and Supply Chain Bo Andersson and more than 200 engineers examined the Korean parts, and supply contracts have been agreed on. Andersson, vice president at the opening ceremony, stressed that: "Over the last three or four years, the South Korean auto parts maker has been promoted as an important trading partner in 2002, the export value of 16 South Korean parts manufacturers is only $ 169 million. dollars last year, 210 companies hit 1.4 billion US dollars in export value. "