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How to effectively prevent tanker accidents

A: Avoid engine overheating

Note a: Avoid overheating the engine tanker

Summer should regularly check the condition of vehicle technology, focusing on vehicle safety inspection site, non-driving car sick on the road. Summer hot weather driving a vehicle driving, you should always pay attention to changes in water temperature, generally should not exceed 95 ℃, especially the vehicle load or road while driving in the mountains, but also to pay attention to prevent the engine from overheating. If the temperature is too high, to promptly select shade parking cooling, can set off the engine cover ventilation; After the temperature was lowered, check whether the engine cooling water temperature and causes.

Coolant due to engine overheating or boiling water, do not turn off the engine immediately, should stop the engine idling, when the temperature decreases, turn off the engine, and then open the radiator cotton cushion cover or gloves to prevent the cooling water boiling hands and burns face.

Note II: Driving tanker watching the tire temperature

Summer travel should not be too long, should last two hours, or with every journey, proper rest stop at the same time check the tire temperature; When they find the tire pressure goes up due to overheating, we should try to stop the car to the shade or under the shade of a tree let the tires cool down naturally, step-down, unavailable, or pour cold water on gassing methods to reduce tire pressure and temperature. In addition, the summer driving should be avoided emergency braking, vehicle overloading is strictly prohibited overrun.