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2016 More Adaptable So That Press Manufactu
Apr 23, 2016

Today is the first day of 2016, the industry competition is fierce, there is competition, we need to progress in the competition, in order to allow enterprises to a higher level, press performance and characteristics of what changes need to be made to study what kind of equipment to make achieve better customer satisfaction with it, then, let us take a look together.

High degree of automation presses choose automatic loading and unloading device, can achieve a single automation; development of presses, implemented on a single device can be multi-step process. German SMG manufacture automatic production lines for the production of the bomb, and its production speed per hour 6; shorten the auxiliary operation time, the system is equipped with quick die clamping system and fast, holds many lessons for such systems are widely used in the country. In order to improve the stability and stamping die life, the need for the press stiffness and precision put forward higher requirements. Such as sliders and table deflection at full load state of deformation can not exceed 1/8000, equipment subjected to eccentric load capacity of 200mm and so on. For now, the hydraulic system integrated design has become a mainstream trend. The main features of the integrated system is compact, small size, greatly reducing the pipe, to shorten and simplify the design and installation cycle hydraulic system, reducing vibration system, oil spills and noise, device maintenance more convenient.