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Accumulator Connection Member And The Advantages
Apr 23, 2016

Learning accumulator on today small will be continued, because we understand that website are not many products, is not sufficient and complete, so the work does not end and stop. So, based on this requirement, the following small series to explain some of its new knowledge to everyone by learning to make progress in this regard, so that you can increase the amount of their knowledge.

Reservoir, between its various components, is generally used to solder the connection fixed. It is brazing, the liquidus temperature is used than the base material of the low-temperature solid phase material is used as brazing filler metal, and the use of liquid solder to wet the base material, so as to fill the joint gap, and dissolved in each other and the base material and diffusion, connect this purpose.

Advantages brazing, which are mainly as follows:

(1) its appearance, and the joints smooth.

(2) heating temperature is lower, and therefore less impact on the microstructure and properties of the base metal and the like.

(3) the use of uniform heating, then the small extent of deformation of the weldment, so easy to guarantee the size requirements.

(4) it may be implemented dissimilar metal or alloy, and a connection between the metal and nonmetal.

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