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Multi-station Combined Machine Maintenance Procedures Musts
Apr 23, 2016

Multi-station combined machine maintenance procedures musts, press manufacturers, auto parts manufacturers preferred Yingkou Metalforming

In recent years, with the rapid development of industry, multi-station machine as a combination of high efficiency, high performance, high precision and low-cost drilling tapping device in the automobile and motorcycle parts, metal fabrication, plumbing valves, electrical and electronic industries had been widely used. And create a huge economic benefits. So how to maintain multi-station combination machine do?

1, each must be familiar with the use of multi-station combined machine before the machine installation, commissioning, so that support, you should check before starting the various components are in good condition, movement is flexible, whether the workpiece clamping operation is safe. After confirming the open empty five minutes, high-speed cutting for an empty fifteen minutes before cutting.

2, multi-station combination with high-speed spindle grease should be open after a period of time that the spindle bearings with kerosene and then cast high speed grease.

3, the use of the machine 32 # mechanical oil, refueling at least twice per shift.

4, be sure to keep the machine clean, chip immediately, moving parts does not allow water and dirt.

5, regular cleaning column, at least once a week

6, cleaning countertops day.

7, a day after the completion of the cleaning electric turntable, and remember to add a minimum of 2 times per week lubricants.

8, multi-spindle cleaning every day, and remember to add oil.