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Questions May Know Better Automotive Stamping
Apr 23, 2016

In the automotive stamping parts, in addition to the existing outside of the front, we still need to learn in this respect it? This problem, in small series, the answer is yes, because the intended target of the study has not yet reached, we can not let up, but can not stop, otherwise, it will come to naught. So then, small series ado, on to proceed with it, its contents are as follows.

Question 1: automotive stamping, its importance in the car do?

Automotive stamping, which is very important in the car, like the body, frame, carriage, are stamped from steel plates, to ensure adequate strength.

Question 2: In the car seat, which is part of stamping?

In the car seat, the seat frame is part of stamping.

Question 3: automotive stamping in the outer plate member, punched thinning rate is the number of ah?

Automotive stamping in the outer plate member, punched thinning rate is generally less than 20%.