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Refrigerated Development Trend Of China's Auto Market Analysis
Apr 23, 2016

At present, China frozen food cold chain logistics development is still in its infancy, large-scale, systematic cold chain logistics system has not yet formed, and refrigerated and insulated vehicles accounted for freight cars, compared to just 0.3%.

According to statistics, China is the largest producer of agricultural products, meat, fish and eggs and other products production and sales volume ranking first in the world, accounting for 25.13% of world production, respectively, 17.98% and 42.85%. Our meat, frozen food, cold drinks and dairy industry is getting better, the growth of these industries will inevitably bring about growth in cold chain logistics.

According to statistics, China's meat plant more than 3,000, with an annual 70 million tons of meat production at a rate of about 6% per year increments; frozen food plant more than 2,100, the annual output of over 12 million tons, with an annual rate of 15% increasing; more than 6,000 cold drinks industry, the annual output of 200 tons, the output at a rate of around 9% per year increments; dairy industry over 1500, the output of 8 million tons per year of 25% annually; 50 million tons of aquatic products , an annual rate of 7% annually.

These total more than 150 billion tons of frozen food to be transported, but not enough because the volume loss caused by cold chain waste is equivalent to the amount of growth GDP2 percent. Therefore, the demand for refrigerated logistics industry, will certainly increase as the national standard of living increases, the need for refrigeration, insulation car will be growing.