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Special Purpose Vehicle Industry Transformation Force
Apr 23, 2016

Liangshan special automobile industry to grow as a major initiative to promote scientific development across the development, strengthen policy support, build development platform, promote independent innovation, so special automobile industry cluster development, into the open, cooperative, a new stage of transformation and rapid expansion of . Currently, the Liangshan County has become the country's largest private automotive industry cluster, Shandong Province special vehicle production base of high-quality products, dedicated the automotive industry has become the first Liangshan County billion industry.

Policy support to create a favorable environment for development. Liangshan seize the country to speed up the development of automobile industry the opportunity to strengthen ties with relevant ministries, the Automobile Association and the media, focusing on cooperation with relevant institutions, research institutions, scientific preparation and implementation of the "Liangshan County Special Purpose Vehicle Industry" Eleventh five-Year "development plan", dedicated to the automobile industry the key development projects included in the first in the county to provide a basis for the development of dedicated automotive industry, expand the space. Specially introduced to encourage private development of automobile industry preferential policies in project approval, land use aspects of business, financing, technical guidance and information service to give full support. The establishment of a dedicated auto industry management office, to strengthen the management and coordination of special automobile industry departments; set up a Special Purpose Vehicle Manufacturing Industry Association, the industry liaison and coordination relations between enterprises closely, setting goals and approaches to common development; the formation of Liangshan special vehicles industry standard alliance, to take "Government + + industry association enterprise" model to promote uniform standards, creatively government, industry associations, and the enterprises development goals together. Join the alliance members to achieve quality of UNPROFOR, to build a credit system, focus on creating special vehicle industry, "Liangshan create" brand.