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The Market Shift In Commercial Enterprises Uneven Quality
Apr 23, 2016

The first half of 2011 is the heavy truck industry, the most difficult stage. The reason most companies believe that the impact of 11 years of heavy truck market there are several important factors, such as changes in the country's macroeconomic situation, the Ministry of Transport fuel test execution tightened last year, one million sales of heavy trucks moisture, excessive inventory, international situation unrest.

From the enterprise data, Dongfeng commercial vehicle sales fell slightly, FAW and heavy truck sales in the first half-year were double-digit decline. Among them, FAW heavy truck sales fell more than 30%, becoming the first echelon fell more serious business. In contrast, the relatively small size of the first half of the heavy truck business to achieve a slight increase. Reporters in the interview to hear some optimistic voices, mainly from these companies.